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MyPhotoCCG1My name is John Boyd and I’m known as The Cool Car Guy.  My automotive consulting business at has been my primary venture for the past 12 years. For years people called me, The Sales Freak primarily when I was more actively involved in the Network Marketing industry.

I help people buy, sell, trade and lease vehicles on a daily basis.  I know how to use creative forms of financing, including cash value life insurance as a way to finance vehicles. I am also a licensed life insurance agent as well.

Creating a personal brand was a natural extension of my expertise as a professional salesperson.  A freak is someone who is passionate about what they do.  I have always been passionate about the art of selling.


Over the years, I have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of goods and services from automobiles to computers, from sailboards and snowboards to nutritional products and insurance and even suntan oil.  I love to sell.  I wouldn’t want to do anything else. While most people run from the profession of selling, I run to it.

Selling is a learned skill just like anything else.  The reality is that everyone is waiting to meet a professional salesperson.  Salespeople get paid to help solve problems for people.  That could be something as simple as if they should lease or purchase a vehicle or how to earn more money with a low cost Network Marketing business.  It might be more complex like how to use life insurance to cover a specific risk for a time period or buying a dividend paying whole life policy for the opportunity to create increased cash value to borrow against and purchase a vehicle.


According to the Bureau of Labor statistics there are 14,462,120 salespeople.  There are almost 14.5 million salespeople, but most of these people are not earning a professional salesperson’s income.  Look at the average income and statistics of most salespeople on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website below.  If a person learns to sell they have the opportunity to use leverage and take full advantage of a commission based selling system.

Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for: sales professional

Employment (1) Employment
RSE (3)
Mean hourly
Mean annual
wage (2)
Wage RSE (3)
14,462,120 0.2 % $18.90 $39,320 0.2 %

Percentile wage estimates for this major group:

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $8.50 $9.30 $12.34 $21.52 $36.70
Annual Wage (2) $17,680 $19,350 $25,660 $44,760 $76,340

Sales is the life blood of America.  Nobody gets paid until a sale is made.  That’s the realty of business.  It is how revenue is generated for most businesses.  Many companies are eliminating the salesperson and selling direct to the consumer, but a Sales Freak is always in demand.  Some of the most successful companies have an army of salespeople.

Sales Freak has a different attitude about their  skills.  They set their own goals and create their own income.  They understand that profits are better than wages.


Do you see that huge number up there of 14.5 million sales professionals?  I’m looking for several of them.  I need a few other Sales Freaks who want to work with me and create an income in the Network Marketing industry by creating leverage. Network Marketing companies need more salespeople.  They will also pay a generous commission to sell for them.


As I just mentioned, Network Marketing or Direct Sales allows you to build a business by leveraging someone else’s sales skills, as well was your own, and build a sales team.  You get to do the same thing the company is doing on a smaller scale.  The benefit of being a Sales Freak is that you can earn an additional income by leveraging a larger company and never have the risk of actually owning anything.  Which means more free time and more power since you only answer to you and your sales team.  If the company disappears you earned an additional income and you can go and do it again.  You can let the shareholders assume all the risk of the primary business and just get paid to move products.

You don’t have to develop the products, you don’t have to secure the products, you don’t have to inventory the products, you don’t have to ship the products, you don’t have to build the company website, you have no employees to manage.  All you have to do is promote and sell the products.  You can literally get into business for under $500 or even less and have $100 a month in product overhead for your own sales business.  That’s it!

What if you could join a Network Marketing company for as little as $10 and get access to hundreds of their products to market and promote?  What if your minimum monthly order requirement was about $100 a month in product purchases?  That’s something that anyone can afford to build a repeat sales business.

This is another often overlooked value of these type of companies.  How many people spend a small fortune on training and most of these companies have conference calls, meetings and other tools to help you become a better salesperson.  There are several opportunities that I’m aware of that can work for anyone who is willing to put forth some effort and get a few people on their sales team.

You get to leverage someone else’s multi-million dollar company for an affordable initial upfront cost and about $100 a month in products.  If you build a small team you could be earning hundreds or thousands of dollars a month each time new sales by your team are created.

Everything is turn-key and ready to go for you.  Most traditional businesses are not designed to offer people the same pay plan that you get to access from a company.  If you purchased a fast-food franchise and hired 12 people to work at your franchise, you are not going to be able to offer those 12 people the same deal you have as a franchise owner.  That’s what is great about this business model that most people fail to realize.  It’s an even playing field because everyone has the same compensation plan.

If you are ready to try something different and you want to join my team just track me down or the person on my team who referred you to this website.  You may also read some of the articles that I post here and click on the links to join the company and order their products.

The last thing to consider is what do you have to gain and what do you have to lose? If you take the time to investigate the sales opportunities that I discuss on this website, you will discover that there is very little to lose compared to the potential for gain.

Be sure to read some of the blog posts that I feature here discussing some of these unique opportunities.  You can also follow me on Twitter – @SalesFreak_com