Create A Business To Make Your Car Payment or Your House Payment or Your Life Insurance Payment


Stop what you’re doing for just a minute and think about your monthly car payment, house payment or life insurance payment.  It’s amazing how many people don’t have a car payment, so they instead drive a beater car and make payments to a mechanic.  Why not have a business making these payments for you?  Want to see how you can do it?  Read on…

How many people are paying rent or maybe a house payment that if they had a business making their house payment for them their lives would be totally different.  How much is your house payment?   What if your business made the payment for you or you could double up on your payments and save a fortune in interest to the bank?

What about your life insurance policy?  Millions of people have been convinced to “buy term insurance” because they can’t afford to “own a whole life insurance policy” because the costs are too high.  On top of that millions of people can’t qualify for life insurance because their health is terrible.

All of these are real problems for millions of Americans!  What if they could be eliminated or reduced with another income stream?


Most people are stupid.  Okay, I’ll be nice.  Most people make really poor choices in life.  That may sound harsh, but let’s be honest about it and quit beating around the bush.  The majority of people are in debt up to their eyeballs.  They pay the banks massive amounts of interest on their car loans, home loans, credit cards and other consumer debt.  They then arrive at retirement age trying to live on social security.  This is the reality for millions.

Most people do not take care of themselves either, which is why there is a health care crisis in America.  All you hear lately is “Repeal and replace Obamacare.” from one group and another group of people is trying to hold on to their “health care”.  It’s a joke.  Do you think that health insurance premiums would be through the roof and we would have a national crisis, if people were actually eating right, supplementing their diets with good nutrition and keeping themselves healthy?

This has created a massive opportunity!   There are not enough jobs for the number of people who need more money.  Even fast food restaurants are replacing people with machines.  Kid are dropping out of college or coming out of college without good jobs to pay back huge student loan debts.  Many are moving back home with Mom and Dad because the cost of living is too high. These are facts!  And very few are offering solutions to these problems.

The solution is that in America you earn money selling goods and services. Other than health care and education, most people are working for some company that is selling food, clothing, shelter or some product or service that solves a problem or fills a want and need.  Most people can’t afford to open up their own business or create their own products to sell on, or their own store front.  And there is fierce competition even among retail giants that are struggling.

Which is why you want to create leverage by selling someone else’s products and building a team of people who will do the same with you.  You can build a cost effective business using someone else’s business.  Most people are overlooking this as a very simple solution to solving major financial problems.


I’m amazed at how many people that I talk to in America who are broke, have terrible credit, barely making ends meet, but they won’t look at promoting a Network Marketing company.  It’s beneath them!

Here’s a snapshot of reality though for many Americans.  For one year, from June 2015 to June 2016, there were 25,227 businesses that filed for bankruptcy and 793,932 individuals for a total of 819,159 and that’s just one year!  I’m going to show you what they could have done to keep that from happening.

Network Marketing if done properly and with the right company allows you to create leverage.  You can join a company for as little as $25 and purchase $100 a month in products, plus sales tax.  If you get on their autoship program they will eve include free shipping.  So, you could be in business for $25 one-time and about $1,200 to $1,500 a year in product purchases.  That’s the entire business cost!  Try starting another type of business for under $2,000 a year with the potential for return that I’m going to demonstrate here.

You are going to go and find 7 people like you who want to build a business. You can start out with two, three, five, ten on your team, it really doesn’t matter, but I’m going to illustrate this business with just seven.  You want a group of people who want to lose weight and do a colon cleanse or start taking a daily cardio pack for their heart or digestive enzymes or some other nutritional products that this company has available from hundreds of products.  They have to be people who get it!

Do not waste your time on people who think they are doing fine and heading for the poor house or becoming a Wal-Mart greeter.  You want people who are willing to commit to $100 a month like you are to build a business.

Again, look at the number of bankruptcies in one year and you are looking for just 7 people!  The market for people who need to earn more money is huge. You get seven people to join your team and do what you’re doing and you train them to do the same and you get paid on those 49 people’s orders who are now on your team. The 49 also get trained to do the same for 343 more on your team and your business looks like this in a short time if you do it right.

Your 1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team Total
7 49 343 399
8% 8% 7%
$56 $392 $2,401 $2,849

At $100 a month in sales volume from a team of 399 distributors, which is 7 getting 7 getting 7 with this company earning 8%, 8% and 7% on just three levels you could be earning an additional $2,849 a month.  That’s $34,188 a year if your team orders consistently.  This is an additional income from a part-time business using the power of leverage.  You can get paid down more than three levels by the way, but this is just a hypothetical example and not an earnings guarantee.  It is to show you how it works.  So, why are more people not doing this?  I’m sure you know the answer.


There are people with this company who earn much more than this illustration of seven getting seven getting seven.  There are people with tens of thousands of Distributors and customers in their organizations.  There is even a popular radio talk show host who promotes this company on his show on a regular basis and has built a huge organization with this company.

The one objection that I hear from people is that you will run out of people to talk to.  There are billions of people in this world and you only need 399 to build a nice income.  You will never run out of people because the Earth’s population is growing exponentially and you can do this business in multiple countries.  So, don’t look for excuses and just do it.

There are more benefits beyond this and if you’re interested in getting started click on this link to join now.  Once you order your Distributor Kit, you can login and get on autoship and place your first order.  That’s all there is to it!

You’ll have your own website to promote like the one that I just directed you to and unlike many of these types of businesses this is one that everyone can afford, with products that work!  Don’t overthink this.  It’s not a huge investment.  You’re not signing your life away!  What do you have to lose?

It’s $25 to join and $100 a month order for products that could change your life physically and financially?  If you can’t afford that then you need this business worse than you think you do.  If it doesn’t work out for you over time you can cancel at anytime, but if you work it – it will work.